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heroic progression going well

by Megladon the insane, 344 days ago

two weeks into Hellfire HC we already cleared the lower part of the dungeon.. Well done everyone




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About Ye Olde Gits

Ye Olde Gits is a semi-hardcore, raiding guild geared for mature players, age limit 18.

We take raiding seriously, but we have fun at the same time!

Ye Olde Gits are exploring the new raids, 10man content. We schedule 2 raids a week, between 20:30-23:00 server time.

All loot is distributed by the EPGP system.

Our full guild rules can be found here.

Select "Apply to Guild" link to make an application.
lease feel free to contact any of the following officer ingame for more information Maximous or Looc.

We hope you wish to apply to us, and you will see that it will be a fun and challenging adventure!

Shantonie, Git Meister | Looc, Vice Git meister

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